Friends, if you are also an ATM user then there is a big news for you, ATM New Rules 2023. In today’s time everything is getting connected to the digital age, today we are going to talk about it. In today’s time, the number of ATM users is increasing day by day regarding ATMs of all banks. Due to which all the banks have implemented different rules for their ATMs along with increasing the number of eclipses. In today’s article, information about all the new rules related to ATM has been given.

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ATM users are customers who use their ATMs for money transactions. All banks have issued their own separate rules regarding ATM charges.



ATM Card Withdraw New Rules 2023

In today’s time it is very important to use ATM. Using ATM provides us a lot of convenience but all banks have set a certain limit on their ATM card transactions.

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If you exchange money more than that limit, you will have to pay a separate charge. ATM New Rules 2023 There is a big update for those having ATM cards that now you will have to register your mobile number with your ATM card. If you do not do this, your ATM card may be blocked.