Understanding the Foundation of Health ResearchPresentationHealth insurance is an essential part of our health care system, providing financial security and access to health care when we need it most. Although many people have Medicare,

The level of insurance coverage and specific details are specified in the insurance contract. Risk Sharing and Actuarial ScienceOne of the fundamental principles behind healthcare is risk sharing. By bringing together a large group of people to create a protection pool, the burden of health care costs is shared among many policyholders. Actuarial research plays an important role in investigating the risks and assessing the costs normally associated with the inclusion of a particular population. Costs,

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the complexity and science behind the Medicare program may still be a mystery to some. In this blog, we will dive into the basic concepts and mechanisms that drive Medicare coverage plans to help readers draw more informed conclusions about their coverage. Specializing in Medicare CoverageMedicare coverage is an agreement between an individual and a provider (usually an insurance company or tax incentives). In return for payment of the same amount, the insurer agrees to pay a portion of the medical expenses incurred by the insured.